Leverages to the next stage

Continuously creating local business development and services to connect the world.

The challenge field is to the world.

Up to now, we have been working in an industry that has serious problems in Japan, represented by IT, medical care and nursing care.

That is why we want to challenge the problems of countries around the world and become an indispensable company all over the world.

The global strategy will be implemented on three lines.

First line

Lifestyle media

Lifestyle media business connecting the world

The Internet is spreading all over the world, and the development of information infrastructure using technology is progressing not only in developed countries but also in developing countries. We will enrich people's lives by connecting people from around the world and creating infrastructure and lifestyle media that support people's lives.

Human resources business that connects people and companies globally

Looking at the labor market on a global scale, there is a bias in the supply and demand of human resources.
As a result, countries with supply shortages have slowed economic growth due to labor shortages, while countries with excess supply have serious problems such as low wages and difficulty finding employment.
Therefore, we will create a global human resources platform and optimize the entire globe.

Second line

Cross-border human resources

Third line

Local business development

Local business development within the base area

Various social problems have occurred in each country around the world.
We will carry out activities to enrich the world through business development, such as infrastructure support for developing countries.

Leverage's overseas expansion is deeply related to the corporate philosophy of “Pursuit of Happiness for All Participants”. In addition to pursuing our own profits, we will carry out global expansion based on the belief that the whole society and the world will move, with the highest priority being “all people concerned feel happiness, satisfaction and satisfaction”.

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