Managing our business portfolio by looking into the world.

Looking beyond borders and industries with multiple businesses.
Providing valuable services to the society across the world.


To solve social problems in the world
such as poverty and labor issues

Lifestyle media business, borderless HR solutions, resolving local problems with locations within the community.
Expanding overseas business with these three principles.


Supporting all engineers to engage the world with technology and enhancing the problem solving ability for the future.

Providing a IT engineer-centered platform to solve programming problems.

M E D I C A L   C A R E

Leading the society to solve the problems of medical care givers shortage essentially.

As the needs of medical service increase within the aged society, by helping medical caregivers to solve their problems, we contribute to realize a society that anybody can receive medical care at ease.

Y O U T H   C A R E E R

Providing a hopeful future for the young with potential.

We eliminate mismatches between job seekers and companies in youth employment. With our mission “Believe in your future self” we realize a society where hope lies in the future for young generation.

N E W   B U S I N E S S   O T H E R

With the desire of making the hope of resolving problems into shape, regardless of industry or country, shaping our portfolio with high speed.

we progressively creating new businesses in industries we already have operations and also in the latest trending industries.
Realizing a speedy method of developing new businesses with our effective all in-house system.