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Providing a hopeful future for the young with potential.

We eliminate mismatches between job seekers and companies in youth employment.With our mission “Believe in your future self” we realize a society where hope lies in the future for young generation.


Advisers support on a one-to-one basis by introducing a variety of job opportunities unique to Hataractive, including positions that focus more on personalities than on experiences and that accept job seekers with any educational background.We only introduce companies that we actually interviewed, so both job seekers and companies can make a suitable match.

Advisers are supported on a one-on-one basis by introducing a variety of job opportunities unique to Hataractive, including recruitment of personalities and unquestioned educational backgrounds.All companies that have actually interviewed are introduced, so both job seekers and companies can make a suitable match.

Our mission is “supporting as many job seekers as possible to become full-time employees.” Hataractive matches types of job seekers and companies despite of most of the similar companies focusing on skill matching of them. Hataractive is unique to employment, in the sense that it does not have job information as a backbone. There is.For this reason, we focus on the development of advisers and sales representatives by understanding the characteristics of job seekers and how to provide job descriptions that are accurate and easy to understand We aim for a business where each and every one of us represents the service for our clients.

Career ticket

Job hunting support with trustworthy job hunting advisers specialized in new graduates recruitment.

Advisers support you on one-to-one basis from discovering job seekers’ strengths to measuring selection processes. Job hunting seminars and special interview slots will also be set up to fully support the journey to employment.

The mission is to “support the best career start”. We will realize our mission by supporting students who feel uneasy about making job-hunting decisions on their own or students who are not confident in passing the selection.Not just the job hunting rules established by Keidanren but also the social trend itself in job hunting and working itself need to be reviewed. We aim for a society where each one of young person find the work that best suits to him/her and start his/her best career.

Craeer ticket cafe

A free community space for university students that talks about working and job hunting

Located at right next to the university, it provides an opportunity for employed people and freshmen- or sophomore-year students to interact. Counseling, round-table discussions and exchange meetings are held.Considering early careers for both students and companies, we aim to optimize job hunting and recruiting processes.

According to a study conducted independently by Leverages, about 60% of new graduates replied that they regret choosing a company they currently work for. Even in modern job hunting that a large amount of information can be obtained through the Internet, it is the fact that many students finish their job hunting with little knowledge of their career, self-analysis, and corporate understanding. It causes a certain number of early turnovers each year. In order to solve the problems of modern job hunting, we opened a “career ticket cafe” to provide students with opportunities to think about “how to work” before job hunting.

Career Ticket for International Students

International student employment support service for foreign students residing in Japan

Full-time advisors support job-hunting activities unique to Japan. We also provide consulting services to companies that employ them.

Levtech Rookie

Our employment agents specialized for engineers provide support on a one-to-one basis to help you through your job hunting.

Levtech Rookie help you get your job-hunting.Our employment agents consults you one-to-one and connect you with the companies that best suits your skills and personalities.