Business portfolio for the world


Through supporting every engineers around the world, we will make the world filled with technologies and being able to solve problems for the future.

We provide a problem solving platform specialized for engineers to help them develop a new service, and solve problems caused by the lack of engineers due to the depopulation.


Contribute to the whole industry runnig short of engineers.

We provide a service specialized in individual phases for engineers, such as outsource engineering (commonly called System Engineering Service in Japan,) recruitment and employment services.

In Japan, engineers are said to be 780 thousands people short in 2030. Our mission is “To become the best adviser for engineers,creators and everyone involved by maximizing their values.” and with this in our mind, we improve our services in every possible way not just in human resources.

Levtech Career

Recruitment and employment services specialized for engineers and creators.

Our employment agents familiar with the industries and your market values offer you a job that fits your skills and experiences, and realize a high standard job-offer rate by preparing for the interviews speciaized for each individual companies.

Levtech Freelance

Freelance employment information for engineers and creators.

Our freelance employmet agents familiar with the industries connect highly skilled freelance engineers with employers. Levtech Freelance’s serivices have the largest amount of open positions in the ndustries and can help you find the job that fits your skills and experience.

Levtech Creator

Freelance/part-time employment information for creators especially in the Web/Game industries.

Our freelance employmet agents familiar with the industries,companies and technologies gather information that suits your needs and will help you through your job hunting to further your career ambitions.

Levtech Platform

My page after the registration of freelance engineer's service

This is a web service to support freelance engineers to find job postings and some paperwork after joining the company. This service also helps companies to find the engineers and renew the contracts.

Levtech Rookie

Our employment agents specialized for engineers provide support on a one-to-one basis to help you through your job hunting.

Levtech Rookie help you get your job-hunting.Our employment agents consults you one-to-one and connect you with the companies that best suits your skills and personalities.

Levtech Direct

Job search platform specialized in IT engineers and creators.

Chat style job search media where companies and job seekers can connect to apply to jobs and recruit job seekers. We provide most suitable matching for both by analyzing a large amount of data accumulated through various services of Levtech and customizing the job postings for different job seekers.


Teratail is a problem-solving platform specialized for engineers.

People from all over the country will give you answers to your problems around coding, through Teratail. Teratail covers both simple and complicated questions due to a high response rate and the participant of highly skilled engineers.

Teratail has more than 1.5million users, 5.7 million PV per month and has solved more than 100,000 of problems for engineers and by that, teratail has improved coding efficiency for engineers, who have been spending a lot of time gathering information, and not just coding.

freelance hub

Platform that is for freelance engineers and creators.

Media where you can search and entry from variety of job listings that freelance agents own.We support freelance ideal project search with abundant number of projects and amount of information.