Born in 1980 in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture.

Obtained business experience by working as an engineer at a tech company since freshman year at Waseda University. In the same year of graduation, he established Leverages Corporation and now he is the CEO of other group companies as well.

To a Company which Constantly Contributes to Society

Bonafide companies shall flourish in society.
His motivation comes from an experience with several barbaric companies as a student. He had recognized the importance of a corporate objective, and his adversities and dreams that couldn't come true had turned into a powerful urge to support people with the same dilemma. His hope had become in shape though business and will expand further. We are still not even 1% of our potential.

move the era , impact the world.
be in the center of it.

True value comes from the ability to be the main player to create the next standard of this constantly evolving environment. Reframing it to the near future of Japan, we must work on a pertinent human resource configuration, for the upcoming serious labor shortage caused by the aging society. We must compensate for the labor population with the help of immigrant workers to resolve this issue and increase productivity through IT. This is how we continually impact the revolving society.



Born in 1991, in Kakogawa-City, Hyogo.

After graduating from Osaka University, he joined Leverages as a new graduate of 2014.

He experienced in the marketing department, took charge of startup businesses, managed corporate development for Lev-Tech, and at the age of 25, he had become the first executive officer for Leverages. After working as a chief human resource officer and an overall manager for startup businesses, he is now the chief of corporate development. He is also working as an adjunct professor at Chuo University for startup business and marketing.

Being involved in the phase of rapid growth, difficulty surpasses excitement at most times. But the chance of becoming the leading venture company of Japan within a few years surpasses all the obstacles. To make this happen, we shall enterprise in human resource promotions by creating new positions, and expand our business portfolio. It's simple, but I truly want this company to believe in the possibility of human resources.



Born in 1981, in Kanagawa Prefecture.

After graduating from Chuo University Faculty of Law, he experienced at systems integrator and a law firm then joined Leverages in 2012. He took charge of consolidating the corporate department which constructs the overall company’s business management structure.
He also works in parallel as the executive manager of the Human Capital Department, being in charge of several of the core services of Leverages.

Our business model is not exclusive; we have many competitors. Among the countless companies, the reason why we keep growing is because of our sincere attitude and empathy towards our clients with needs. Not only is it “useful”, but we also make sure we find “meaning” with our service. Creating a business that is meaningful to society is the Leverages Group’s true value. Our member’s compassion with our vision of 「Pursuing the contentment of all who relates to us」has been the core driving force to create that value.