Business portfolio for the world


To be “katachi” with mind for solving issues, not focusing on countries and business.

We create new business actively such as the business in new and already developed business area. We have well-organized “all in house”. That is why we can realize developing the business speedy.

Kira Care Nursing Home

Introducing retirement homes for the elderly people

Advisers who know well about nursing homes will enable customers to move in immediately. We recommend our service for people who seek inside information, availabilty, and have anxiety for residence.

“pursuing a super-aged society where everyone can have something to live for until the last minute” We started our service by request from our customers of the HR business, that they are looking for residents as well. In addition to referring nursing homes, we accomodate a requirement of societal resource. We recognize the changes occurring in medical and healthcare institutions, try to maximize a value of people, data, and technology, and improve a level of service provided to customers.


A guidance service that exposes the back side of the hospital’s working environment and atmosphere.

We closely cover the nurses’ actual work day and introduce the “real” information of working environment and job descriptions. By showing the back side, we try to lessen the early-turnover rate resulted by the image gap between before and after they start a  job.

Minimizing the mismatch of career change, our service MISETE will solve human resource shortage of nurses. We support the long-term employment by accurate matching with more detailed information.

Leverages M&A Advisory Co., Ltd.

Expanding opportunities for Japanese corporations through supporting M&A of businesses with the optimization of managerial resources.

Proposing M&A related business strategy, matching and value assessment.Our experts provide customized solutions for business owners accordingly.

"Contributing to the decision-making process of business owners maximally" Assessment of the intangible value of a business that is not readable on financial statements is crucial.We will appropriately support the process of M&A, which is the most important decision-making for business owners, to better and revitalize the M&A industry.

Craeer ticket cafe

A free community space for university students that talks about working and job hunting

Located at right next to the university, it provides an opportunity for employed people and freshmen- or sophomore-year students to interact. Counseling, round-table discussions and exchange meetings are held.Considering early careers for both students and companies, we aim to optimize job hunting and recruiting processes.

According to a study conducted independently by Leverages, about 60% of new graduates replied that they regret choosing a company they currently work for. Even in modern job hunting that a large amount of information can be obtained through the Internet, it is the fact that many students finish their job hunting with little knowledge of their career, self-analysis, and corporate understanding. It causes a certain number of early turnovers each year. In order to solve the problems of modern job hunting, we opened a “career ticket cafe” to provide students with opportunities to think about “how to work” before job hunting.


An employment support for people with disabilities. It expands their opportunity for success.

Leverages hires people with disabilities who have little or no experience. We introduce them to employers after they experience an actual work as an internship within the Leverages Group. We also support them after they start working regularly.

There are currently about 9 million people who are certified as disabled in Japan. About 7.5% of Japan's population, 1 in 13 people in Japan is recognized as disabled. This has been increasing in recent years and will continue to increase the proportion. Among them, the employment rate is very low at 5.4%, and the current situation is that we are not yet able to advance into society even now that there is a shortage in human resources. Based on the mission “Make as many job seekers as full-time employees”, we will expand the opportunities for people with disabilities.

Career Ticket for International Students

International student employment support service for foreign students residing in Japan

Full-time advisors support job-hunting activities unique to Japan. We also provide consulting services to companies that employ them.


Job change support service specialized in the apparel industry

A full-time positions in the apparel industry for full-time employees are available. Advisers that have detail information about the employment in the industry supports job seekers through processes.

With the vision of “supporting the fashion industry with the power of people”, we develop a career change support service. We think that we can often contribute to value because it is said to be a recession in the industry. In addition to an organizational system that accounts for 90% of the fashion industry experience, we study industry knowledge every day. We conduct business with an emphasis on working closely with each other for every job seekers.


We have services that will help you on a day-to-day basis, including a job search engine, a Q&A community, a site with informational articles, social media pages and so on.

From helping you find information about Japan from overseas to finding a job in Japan, we will support foreigners who want to succeed in Japan in a multitude of ways.

These days, as a start to solve Japan’s serious labor shortage issue, the policies that push to accept more foreigners are being reinforced. The Japanese government is going forward to create new status of residence starting with “Specified Skilled Workers”, and it is expected that there will be 400,000~500,000 more foreign employees within the next 5 years. However there are many problems relating to lifestyle and work that arise between workers and affiliated personnel with the sudden expansion of the market. Our business aims to solve “problems foreigners face working in Japan” in a variety of ways, and to help both foreigners succeed in their careers in Japan as well as Japanese companies to employ foreigners.

WeXpats Guide

A multilingual informational article site for foreigners

The site is in 8 languages - Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Burmese.We will provide real information about Japan surpervised by a native content director for each language.

WeXpats Forum

A multilingual Q&A site for foreigners

The site is in 8 languages - Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Burmese. We will answer questions people who are interested in Japan have and address concerns people who have just moved to Japan have in their respective native languages.

WeXpats Jobs

A multilingual job search engine for foreigners

The site is available in 8 languages - Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Burmese. It's the biggest job search engine for foreigners. We have gathered job opportunities that welcome foreigners from throughout the country into one place and have created a new meeting place for foreigners looking for work and employers.

WeXpats Biz

A media site to address real questions about how to employ foreigners

This is an informative website that provides the relative information about how to employ foreigners, with all articles looked over by an administrative scrivener.We address real questions by employers regarding how to employ foreigners, including about complex laws, status of residence and so on, from an expert standpoint.