Effective Date:February 5, 2019

Last revision date:July 9, 2019

Leverages Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Tomohide Iwatsuki

Leverages Co., Ltd., its affiliated companies and its subsidiary companies (“Leverages Group”) are engaged in any business in relation with Owned Media Business,Temporary Staffing Agency,System Engineering Agency(collectively, “Our Services”), under the Business Ethics of “Success or achievement for our clients and employees will lead us a great success of Leverages Group.”
In operation of any business, it is our social duty and obligation to manage personal information in a safe and proper manner; and to fulfill our duty or obligation, Leverages Group will comply with the policies as below.

Collection of Personal Information

We will obtain personal information within the scope required, in proper and adequate manner, and with the purpose of use clarified. For any person who contact us via CONTACT, we would ask you to acknowledge that we may reach you for the purpose of confirming details of your inquiry.

Management of Personal Information

2.1)Purpose of use

We will never use any personal information, obtained in compliance with the Article 1, for any purpose other than clarified in this Privacy Policy without prior consent from the person himself/herself such information belongs to; and we shall take any reasonable measure to prevent unauthorized use of personal information.

We will use personal information to the extent required to carry out the followings:

(a) any business operation to process any contact or inquiry and to carry out Our Services promptly;

(b) anything specified at the time we obtain personal information; or

(c) anything required by the competent authorities.

2.2)Disclosure to the third party

2.2.1) In the case where you have made any contact or inquiry from CONTACT, if necessary, we may disclose a particular scope of personal information to any company in business alliance ("Partner Companies”) with us, for the purpose to process your contact or inquiry adequately; provided, however, that upon any request to cease such disclosure from the person himself/herself such information belongs to, we shall stop such disclosure. The scope of personal information we may disclose here is specified as name, domicile, age, phone number and/or any information in relation with your contactor inquiry.

2.2.2) Except for the case stipulated in the immediately preceding paragraph, or any case accompanies to the Purpose of use in 2.1, we will never disclose any personal information, without prior consent from the person himself/herself such information belongs to. Provided, however, that we may disclose personal information to our Partner Companies to the extent required to carry out the purposes stipulated in 2.1. With respect to such disclosure, we are aware that we are in obligation to require our Partner Companies to manage personal information in a safe and proper manner and take reasonable measures to manage personal information properly.

2.3)Reasonable measures to manage personal information properly

We represent and warrant that we will make reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, or falsification of personal information. We will also make our best efforts to educate any employee dealing with personal information, including but not limited to regulatory training for management of personal information conducted by administrators.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

With respect to the management of personal information, we represent and warrant followings:

(a) We will comply with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, and any other regulatory established in Japan (“the applicable laws or regulations”);

(b) We will regularly and continuously have a review on policies, operational systems, and efforts on management of personal information; and

(c) We will follow any amendment, revision or reformation on any applicable laws or regulations, as well as any change in social circumstances surrounding personal information; and will make any revise or amend on our policies to comply with the applicable laws or regulations from time to time, which will be reasonable for and appropriate to such amendments, revisions, reformations or changes.


Handling with contacts, inquiries or claims

We will handle or deal with any contact, inquiry or claim promptly. In the case where we have any request for any disclosure, correction, amend, striking out, or any other request to cease or delete your use of Services, we sincerely deal with such request in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

If you have any request, please contact us via Contact Information below.

Operational systems on management of personal information

With respect to operational systems on management and protection of personal information (the “Operational Systems”), we will make our best efforts to manage it properly, and to make any revise required to manage personal information in a safe and proper manner. We will also make our best efforts to have a review or revision on the Operational Systems regularly and continuously, in reasonably appropriate to social circumstances or tendencies surrounding personal information.

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